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Boudins noirs. It all started in the Antiquity

FoodGilles CoquelinSept2017
Boudins noirs. It all started in the Antiquity

A very old recipe, boudin noir can be found in almost all regions and countries where people eat pork. The site Cuisine française presents very thoroughly this specific charcuterie. Here's a snippet of their article.

One of the most ancien charcuterie, the tradition wants that it was invented by a Greek cook named Aphtonite in the Antiquity. In the 9th century, the De re coquinaria d'Apicius is the first written source of the recipe which is consumed in taverns.

It is made exclusively with pork blood and fat, depending of the area, spices, condiments, wine can be added. Either pork or beef tripes are filled up and then the whole thing is cooked in a salted boiling water.

Tour de France des boudins:

Each region has their own way to prepare :

  • Boudin de Strasbourg (Alsace): boudin made with tongue, smoked flavour

  • Boudin périgourdin (Aquitaine): not fatty, very crisp

  • Boudin d'Auvergne : very smooth

  • Boudin de Bourgogne : with milk and rice, smooth flavour

  • Boudin de Paris also called boudin à l'oignon (Ile de France) : smooth flavour with few pieces

  • Boudin audois (Languedoc-Roussillon) : crisp and smooth flavours brought by the usage of pork rind

  • Boutifar ou boutifaron (Languedoc-Roussillon) : Lots of spices, powerful and spicy flavour

  • Boudin de Nancy (Lorraine)

  • Boudin du Sud-ouest (Midi-Pyrénées) : very recognizable

  • Boudin coutançais (Normandie) : quite fatty, crisp when grilled.

  • Boudin de Saint-Romain (Normandie) : smooth flavours mixed with onions

  • Boudin angevin (Pays de Loire) : parfumes by the usage of herbs and vegetables

  • Boudin du Poitou (Poitou-Charentes) : light, smooth, parfumes by herbes and spinach

  • Boudin marseillais (Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur)

  • Boudin de Lyon à la crème (Rhône-Alpes) : very specific due to the usage of onions and Swiss chards

  • les boudins créoles et antillais : very specific, spicy and aromatic

To cook it, just fry in a pan or grill.  Potatoes purée, stewed apple or onions purée are all delicious side dishes to eat with the boudin.

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