FoodMichel DuranSept2017

Chef Antoine Cantarel's tasty world. Wood stove oven cooking school.

FoodMichel DuranSept2017
Chef Antoine Cantarel's tasty world. Wood stove oven cooking school.

When Chef Antoine Cantarel started importing from France 'Four Grand-mere' wood stove ovens back in 2010, he spent lots of time building a network of both individual and professional customers happy to be able to cook using specifically artisans builds wood fire brick ovens with hand-laid, true refractory brick, using only the highest quality natural materials. 

Now an established company based in Dallas, Texas, The Bread Stone Ovens Company sell a wide range of similar products from rotating pizza ovens to trailer ovens. 

It was a natural step for this wood stove oven cooking aficionado to share his passion in establishing his own cooking school.


The cooking school offers specific classes for pizza and bread maker enthusiasts during the week end and also commercial workshop and consultations for the professional clientele on a one to one basis.

Word of mouth went fast on this one and for the last 6 months all week end sessions have been sold out. Last Saturday a happy bunch gathered at 9:00am and after a brief presentation of the premises, went right at it, kneading bread, shaping baguettes and decorating pizzas.

The atmosphere is relaxed even though attendants focus on acquiring a new skill or perfecting an existing cooking interest. But as Chef Cantarel mentioned: "The idea of this cooking school is to pursue the tradition of gathering people around food – a very convivial experience. People arrive as students and leave as friends. They're now part of the family!' 

Every steps of the making of a pizza or bread is covered and what a joy when you pull your creation from the oven, it's a feast, both for the eye, the nose and finally the mouth! 

Due to the great popularity of these cooking experiences, Chef Cantarel is working really hard with his team to develop new dates and locations to spread the joy. Stay tuned and keep enjoying food!