The Sugartown Project launches its new platform.

The Sugartown Project launches its new platform.

Born in Australia, nurtured in Vancouver, and with creative tentacles extending to stage, film, music, photography, journalism, writing and graphic novels, the Sugartown Project just keeps on growing. With the launch of it official web site, Michel Duran and Ed Chatterton are kick-starting the first phase of the project – getting its stage show in Vancouver BC where Sugartown Media is based.

We want to get the word out. A stage show is more feasible, tangible and lots fo fun. Following the play, we’re targeting France and Australia in order to forge a co-production for the making of the movie.
— Ed Chatterton & Michel Duran

In the stage adaptation of the story, 4 actors are carrying the plot in a multi media experience transporting the audience along Harry, Oslo and Violet's journey. 


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Dude! You’re a Renaissance man!

OK… what’s that?… “a person with many talents or areas of knowledge – according to wiki”.

Oh! Sounds cool… let me go back to work…