Chocolate Arts near Granville Island... ice cream... maple bacon & chocolate ice cookies

Chocolate Arts near Granville Island... ice cream... maple bacon & chocolate ice cookies

"Fine Chocolate is hand made" that's Greg Hook's, chocolate Master and Chocolate Arts owner, motto. I started putting my feet in his store while it was still on 4th Avenue. Already his artistic and gustative creations, chocolate boxes, easter chocolate eggs and bunnies were good reasons to be tempted. Then few years later, they moved on 3rd Avenue and Fir street near Granville island in Vancouver. At that time I had the chance to collaborate with Greg and Mark Pennington from Cacao Barry for the Soufflé au Chocolat film premiere when we organized the movie screening and a chocolate tasting.

Long story short, I'm a big fan and since they started to sell the 1kg Cacao barry chocolate bags, there's rarely a week I miss to get "my fix". Usually I'm so focused that I enter the store buy the bag and more or less leave, except obviously when buying a special chocolate box or having a coffee.  Well last Wednesday, it was sunny, 3pm so a little bit unusual to be in the area... it was the perfect timing to try a new thing: Chocolate Arts' ice creams! Why didn't do that earlier? Sometimes you pass by gems without seeing them! Well now not only did I see them, but my tastebuds surely feasted! I knew the magic combination of passion fruit and chocolate, guess what? You can have the same while eating an ice cream and it's as good as it can be! The other surprise was the ice cream sandwich, a mix of ice creams and cookies, super original and do I have to repeat myself?... It bumps wellness to the sky!

I don't have any financial stake or any stake in the business except the one hoping that Greg and his amazing team will continue to surprise us with their chocolate creations. A little bit chocolate obsessed... Yeah you can say that...

Dude! You’re a Renaissance man!

OK… what’s that?… “a person with many talents or areas of knowledge – according to wiki”.

Oh! Sounds cool… let me go back to work…