Creating visuals for Suquet - Contemporary furniture store.

Creating visuals for Suquet - Contemporary furniture store.


When we started talking with Commercial photographer Marc de Vinci on the best way to tackle the photoshoot at Suquet Home, his first reaction was: "What's their story?"


I first met Rick Bohonis and Ramon Masana Tapia at the launch of a Bottega Veneta fragrance evening that their store, Suquet Home, was hosting last December. Chatting with Rick, we started elaborating on various ideas to keep the momentum going around their amazing Yaletown location, one idea was to organize a photoshoot, not only to showcase their products, but also to tell a story. 

Suquet home is the continuum of Suquet Interiors, created by Ramon's parents in 1985. Both architects, they set up the company to import, in the wake of the earthquake in Mexico, rescued shattered façade of a grand 18th century building and ship it to Vancouver. It didn’t take long for Suquet’s originality and remarkable design discoveries to create something akin to a legend among local designers.

Interior magasin.jpg

Fast forward to 2018, roughly a year ago Rick, the past President and co-founder of the style-forward national furniture chain, Urban Barn, and Ramon came along, with Mike Nishio and Dean Lys, two former Urban Barn team members, to develop the new concept of Suquet Home, a one stop shopping centre for contemporary living. As Dean mentioned it while we discussed with Marc to prepare the shoot: "The idea is to provide various products that ultimately make your home unique. We carry obviously furniture, but also showcase local artists and accessories. It's a little bit like when we travel, we accumulate souvenirs from various places and time, Suquet want to play this role, being a lifestyle, mid to high end destination for home owners."

Other meetings with Rick and the team allowed us to understand better their interest in promoting artistry, craftsmanship. The presence, during the Bottega Veneta Event, of the Okanagan based winemaker Liquidity Wines, was the perfect example.

Liquidity Wine.jpg

For modelling, Leah Chang came on board as my significant other, really cool, super friendly and pro to work with and then, Marc played his two steps magic – Step one: taking the photo – Step two: Creating in post, the graphic design to bring the visuals alive.

step 1 - photoshoot.

When tackling any photoshoot, Marc spends lots of time preparing it, hence his first question about Suquet story. Then, he plans in advance his angles, lighting, type of lenses. Everything is done with a specific vision in mind long before he arrives on location. So putting the modelling hat the day of the shoot is always an immense pleasure – the directions are clear and because of the extensive preparation, improvisation can happen, it's just part of the shoot.

Marc shoot3.jpg

step 2 – graphic design.

Once the shoot was over, Marc spent a fair amount of time coming up with various graphic design ideas and treatments. Always keeping in mind the various angles of the story to be told.

And finally the graphic designs were locked and presented.

 STORY – We all have stories to share.

STORY – We all have stories to share.

 HOME – Home sweet Home.

HOME – Home sweet Home.

 TRAVEL - A post card from far far away.

TRAVEL - A post card from far far away.

A third visual was developed to showcase the mix of designs available at Suquet – Contemporary furnitures, arts and fireplaces, bringing a very cool dynamic.


Through this specific project, we're glad to be now part of the Suquet friends and collaborators. It all started with a very informal fragrance event co-organized by Suquet and Bottega Veneta. Bringing people together in a very cool and relax atmosphere always pays off, especially when our senses are stimulated.

At Suquet, things are beautiful.

World of possibilities.jpg

Dude! You’re a Renaissance man!

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