In ShapeMichel Duran

IRONMAN® training – Belonging to multiple specialized training groups.

In ShapeMichel Duran
IRONMAN® training – Belonging to multiple specialized training groups.

Here we go again, the holidays season is over with its fair share of delicious food and resting time with friends and family, it’s now time to get back to training mode.

In order to work on each discipline, I decided couple of years ago to belong to various organizations rather than to a triathlon club and to manage myself the specific training like the transitions between the three legs of the future races.

Swim - EBSC English Bay Swim club


I joined the EBSC 4 years ago and what a difference it made! From not being able to swim properly 100m freestyle back then, I’m now at speed and endurance to tackle the 3.8K in around an hour. This Master swim club not only provides excellent coaching but a very friendly group of like minded people, it makes a huge difference when arriving at the pool knowing that the set will be challenging.

Bike - Speed Theory Vancouver


For the two previous IRONMAN, I already was in touch with the Speed Theory store in Vancouver, buying few components, doing the bike fitting and renting wetsuits. Last December I had the chance to chat with Mark Clyde, a Time Trial cyclist racer and in charge of the Vancouver store. One things leading to another he mentioned training methods and group of cyclists. This is what I needed to fine tune the bike training. Glad to be part of this.

Run - Forerunners Vancouver


As running needed big improvements, I had to find people knowning the ins and outs of long distance running. Peter and Karen Butler, have been involved in running as athletes and founded Forerunners in 1986. Since then they organized running clinics and races. Each training groups has their own pace and goals. It makes a huge difference to be with same level athletes tackling speed work and long runs.

Strength training - Clem Fitness

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 10.43.06 AM.jpeg

Building a strong core is critical to any endurance sports. Joining Clem Fitness last September made a huge difference in the way my body responds to strenuous sessions. Clem uses a mixed approach with and without gear making each session unpredictable and fun while maintaining a high level a workout.

Stretching - Yyoga Vancouver

AMC_6858 copy.jpg

You can push as much as you want on the pedals, run like crazy, pull on your arms in the pool or lift weights… if you don’t stretch, your body is going to remind you not necessary in a good way… Yyoga as mentioned in a previous post offers all kinds of practice from meditation to flow, power, yin and fitness classes completing nicely with the work done at Clem fitness.

Originally from France, I moved to Vancouver, BC in 1997 after falling in love with the city while searching for a training base for a round-the-world athletic expedition. I’m an athlete turned actor, and very much involved in endurance sports. Three times IRONMAN® finisher.