Michel Duran Diary
Michel Duran Diary
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An athlete and an actor journeys are very similar, you use your body to perform, you need to train and be ready for race or shoot day and then you go back to training.
— On working in film and theatre productions

watch speechless – trailer

Winner of the “Best Experimental Short” at the Autumn 2018 Creation International Film Festival.

watch soufflé au Chocolat – full movie

Featuring breathtaking footage of Vancouver and Canada’s west coast, the bulk of the movie takes place on Galiano Island, a little slice of Canadian paradise reminiscent of the French Riviera.

Soufflé au Chocolat is a sexy romantic comedy/drama “French style”, with the feel of films like Sideways, The Decline of the American Empire,
and Summer of 42.

5 Nominated at the 2013 Leo Awards –
Best Motion Picture - Direction - Screenwriting - Cinematography
and Music score .