On the road - Brasil Travel Carpaccio.

On the road - Brasil Travel Carpaccio.

As we travel, we keep the same way of eating : veggies, veggies, veggies and fruits.

Difficulty : easy

Serves : 4

Preparation time : 5 minutes

Ingredients :
- Medium half papaya
- Medium Daikon radish
- Few leaves of Dandelion
- Sesame oil, lime, soya sauce (Nama Shoyu preferred) to taste.

How to prepare it ?
- cut thin slices of papaya and daikon, present as pictures, sprinkle some Dandelion, add the seasoning.

As soon as I can, I like to mix different types of textures and try to have the 5 flavors (salty, sweet, bitter, acid and umami)

A plant based aficionado, Béatrice is always looking for healthy, sustainable way to cook. Traveling is a big part of her various discoveries.