SaladClem Duranseaud

Leafy greens

SaladClem Duranseaud
Leafy greens

New way to prep salads. 

New way of making my salads have made them so good and actually enjoyable 😁I put EVERYTHING through the food processor, including all leafy greens 🥗🥒that makes such a big difference 👌easier to chew, and the flavours blend together better
My salad prep is now 15 minutes instead of 45, allowing me to do it a bit more often during the week which keeps them fresh
Here's the ingredients in the one above:
🍉bell pepper
🍉red cabbage
Then I added
🍉olive oil
🍉balsamic vinegar

Clem Duranseaud is a personal trainer based in Vancouver BC. With a large span of customers from beginners, confirmed athletes in weight training, Ironman and other endurance buffs. Clem focus of the strength and conditioning along with proper nutrition to create long term fitness routines.