Hybrid. I'm not a bread, I'm not a cake...

Hybrid. I'm not a bread, I'm not a cake...

Difficulty : easy
Serves : depends on your appetite

Preparation time : 15 minutes – Cooking time : Oven : 40 minutes – Steamer : 60 minutes

Ingredients :
400 ml Aquafaba or water
200 gr Buckwheat flour
100 gr almond flour
1 sodium bicarbonate teaspoon
1/2 salt teaspoon

How to do it ?
- in a bowl, mix the dry ingredients
- in the Vitamix, whipped the aquafaba
- Add gently the whipped aquafaba or the water to the dry ingredients

How to cook it ?
- Oven bake : Pour into a greased. baking dish. Bake at 350° for 40 minutes - Oven is more dry
- Steamer bake : 60 minutes - Stearmer is more fluffy

Enjoy !



A plant based aficionado, Béatrice is always looking for healthy, sustainable way to cook. Traveling is a big part of her various discoveries.