Michel Duran
Michel Duran

ironman athlete

From the age of four, through doors opened initially by my mother who was a physical education teacher, I was involved in sports—first as a pole-vault athlete at the national championship level, then as a coach of the national backcountry ski team and finally, as a technical marketing agent for high performance sports equipment. At one point, I crossed the Atlantic ocean on the Whitbread racing sailboat, Pen Duick VI.
I decided to start training for an Ironman back in 2014 after I spent almost a year in New York, 10 days every month on a very tight budget, to try to put together an Off Broadway show. It didn’t work, it was time to go back to my roots – sports. I was sure that at least training would made me feel achieving tangible results. Finishing the 2015 Whistler Ironman was the cherry on the cake.

IRONMAN CANADA - WHISTLER, BC, ironman vineman - Sonoma, CA