Michel Duran Diary
Michel Duran Diary
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In our era of specialization I feature a Renaissance approach to life combining the exploration of new grounds and integrating our five senses to embrace to the fullest our professional and personal endeavours.
Curious, feminist, daring, I can take the same pleasure in pushing my limit competing in an Ironman, savouring an aged Rhum Agricole in the Caribbean or dining on a raclette cheese en route to the Haute Route ski Traverse between Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland.
I am part of the former babies of the sixties and seventies. We grew up with parents who had witnessed the civil rights movement, the rise of feminism and of equal rights for LGBTQ+ people. The direct consequences are an openness to new ways to live, to embrace new cultures, to value both feminine and masculine sides.

Tastes is not defined by gender, race or age.