Michel Duran
Michel Duran
Moving from France to Vancouver BC twenty some 20 years ago, I became a Frenchman outside of France carrying in his baggages a bit of French culture spiced up by new discoveries.
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From our BC based Whistler Scandinave Spa, to an Onsen in Japan, the hydrotherapy has always played a big part in wellness. Dated back in the 1st century BC, the first publics Roman baths were established and a became a big part of every citizen’s hygiene and health.

Nowadays, there’s a full range of spas, from public baths to very high end hotels.

CANADA’s 2019 food guide

Eat well. Live well (link to the guide)

Three general groups of food:
- fruits and vegetables
- whole grains
- proteins

Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables and the remaining half divided into whole grains and proteins.

Proteins is a new category combining dairy and meat (de-emphasized) with plant-based proteins like tofu and chickpeas (encouraged)

Water - beverage of choice


It is now a very well documented fact that exercising and health goes hand to hand. The trick is to find the activity which will fulfill our needs and dreams. The main point being to enjoy every bits of the practice as we’re there for the journey, the destination eventually appears, but it’s more like the cherry of the cake.


The first IRONMAN® race took place in 1978 on Oahu. 15 participants raced it as a way to determine the toughest endurance athlete.