Cow cheeseMichel Duran

Fourme d'Ambert

Cow cheeseMichel Duran
Fourme d'Ambert

Grandpa's cheese! Time travel... Just looking at the photo makes my taste buds going crazy. Magical memories of watching all the kids' eyes around the dinner table illuminate when cheese time was up!

An AOC, the Fourme d'Ambert is one of France's oldest cheese – dates back to our friends the Romans. It follows very precise requirements to be produced.

Type of milk: Cow

Available at Les Amis du fromage. Extraordinaire cheese store in Vancouver with a wonderful and knowledgeable staff!

And yes, this video will show how it is done (and help you work on your French to prepare your next trip in Auvergne, yes it's another cheese from this region).

La fourme du Grand père! Voyage dans le temps... A la seule vue des photos, mes papilles gustatives commencent à saliver. Souvenir magique de la vision du regard des enfants assis autour de la table du dîner s'illuminer quand arrivait le moment des fromages!

Fromage AOC, la Fourme d'Ambert est un des plus vieux fromage de France datant de nos amis les Romains. Il suit un procédé de fabrication très stricte.

Disponible aux Amis du fromage. Magasin de fromage extraordinaire à Vancouver. Amis de France, ça vaut le voyage!

Dude! You’re a Renaissance man!

OK… what’s that?… “a person with many talents or areas of knowledge – according to wiki”.

Oh! Sounds cool… let me go back to work…