Michel Duran
Michel Duran
The challenge of executing classical plays for modern audiences makes them an extraordinary field in which to experiment and an unparalleled way to train the discipline of actors
— A night in Versailles

We had the pleasure of presenting ‘A Night in Versailles’ based on Molière’s one-act farcical comedy, Sganarelle, Or The Imaginary Cuckold, for two nights in the beautiful armoury of a historical fencing school. The play was accompanied by live baroque music and was followed by a wine and cheese reception during which the audiences had to opportunity to personally meet the actors and musicians. In short, we bring audiences into a full, multi-faceted experience of the world of the play, and not just the play itself. 
Despite financial limitation, A Night in Versailles was presented with considerable artistic and administrative success.

From fundraising, advertising, designing and building of stage/set, casting and training of actors, a wide range of tasks were effectively completed. Our professional and creative team included 7 actors, 5 musicians, 2 producers, 1 financial director, 1 art director/set designer, 4 set painters, 2 set builders, 1 lighting designer, 1 stage manager and 2 front of house. The production was a successful collaboration between art and business. The event was well received by the two nights of a sold out audience.