Michel Duran
Michel Duran


Actor - Producer.
Born in Saint-Etienne, France Michel Duran lived his childhood between the southeast part of France and La Rochelle, on the west coast. From the age of four, through doors opened initially by his mother who was a physical education teacher, he was involved in sports--first as a pole-vault athlete at the national championship level, then as a coach of the national backcountry ski team and finally, as a technical marketing agent for high performance sports equipment. At one point, he crossed the Atlantic ocean on the Whitbread racing sailboat, Pen Duick VI.
During high school and university he acquired significant stage experience in regional theatre companies, performing in modern and classical French plays. In addition, he earned a Master of Science in sport physiology and an MBA. 

The move to the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver, BC.

In 1997, he moved his young family to Vancouver, Canada.
In 2001, through his consulting activities in personal training and business development, he began to build a network of contacts related to the movie industry focusing his energy on cinema and theatre. By 2004, he began to develop formal business concepts in film making by tapping into unique opportunities that synergistically combined his French origins with his North American environment. 

The launch of CMHL Enterprises.

At the end of 2004, he launched CMHL Enterprises, a company with the mandate to develop and produce motion pictures and live entertainment. 
Its repertoire includes the short films: The Window and California Balloons; as well as A Night in Versailles, a live show based on the French Classical repertoire Theatre titled, Sganarelle, or the imaginary cuckold by Moliere mixed with live baroque music of the XVII century. Two feature films are then produced Soufflé au Chocolat and Truth.

Soufflé au Chocolat - 5 Nominations at the 2013 Leo Awards.

He spent the next two years focusing on the commercial side of movies, promoting Soufflé au Chocolat, his first feature film to various markets and film festivals.
In 2013, the movie was screened at the Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois et Francophone, at the Sonoma International Film Festival (USA) and gathered 5 nominations at the 2013 Leo Awards (Canada) for Best pictures (Michel Duran, Fred Goldstein, Hélène Bruyère, Sabine Rouquès), Direction (Michel Duran, Fred Goldstein), Screenwriting (Michel Duran), Cinematography (Fred Goldstein) and Musical Score (Marc Baril).

Most recently, Duran focused on performing, both on stage and screen and on competing in Ironman triathlon races.