Pur Brebis de l'Abbaye de Belloc.

Pur Brebis de l'Abbaye de Belloc.

The Basque country is located between France and Spain at the Western part of the Pyrenean mountains. Both oriented towards the ocean and the mountain, this area had its own culture, language and obviously food specialties. One of them is their sheep cheeses. 

The Pur Brebis de l'Abbaye de Belloc stands in this tradition. As the sheep wander around in the mountains they can produce a very tasty milk, almost fruity which in the process of making the cheese brings lots of flavours.


Type of milk: Sheep

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I couldn't resist to include a video about the Basque country, amazing place, almost mystical in some places... As you can see, another huge specialty is the Basque ham, similar to the Italian  prosciutto.




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