Le Comté du Jura

Le Comté du Jura

The Jura mountains are part of the border between France and Switzerland, very close to Geneva. These old type of mountains are fabulous places for cows to develop a milk charged with flowers flavours – when in the fields in summer time and hay - when in the barn in winter time. For ages, maître fromagers mastered the making of one of the most beloved cheese: Le Comté du Jura. From small artisans to bigger fromageries, the process is very similar, with at the end of the cycle, couple of years spent in a very specific cellar to refine the cheese. The various cuts you can see in the photo are signs that the cheese is dry enough and ready to eat.

Comté can be eaten as is and /or melted in a cheese fondue. 


Type of milk: Cow

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In this video (in English for a change), the whole process of Comté making is presented.